Delta Bank increased its share capital by 1.4 billion UAH

April 29, 2014

On April 29, 2014, an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of JSC “Delta Bank” was held.
The main point of the meeting was the decision of the bank’s shareholders to increase the share capital of Delta Bank by more than 60%, or 1.4 billion USD — up to 3.727 billion USD.

Increase in share capital of Delta Bank held by additional contributions from its shareholders. In this case, the percentage share of substantial involvement between shareholders remains unchanged.

“Delta Bank will develop in the interests of shareholders and clients in any market conditions in the Ukrainian banking system. Increasing of the authorized capital of the bank in such a hard times for our country means that our strategy is right and risk management is effective. Our margin of safety is sufficient to overcome the negative effects of the crisis events. In many ways, this was made possible thanks to the energy of our staff and the support of shareholders, ”- said Elena Popova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Bank.