Pension fund of Ukraine to extend the contract with Delta Bank for 2014 with the right to provide services in payment of pensions and cash aid in additional areas of Ukraine

December 23, 2013

In December 2013, the Pension Fund of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine held another competition to select the banks where, with the consent of pensioners and recipients of social assistance, it will open accounts for the payment of pensions and financial aid. When taking the relevant decisions, the conclusions of the National Bank of Ukraine on the financial condition and execution during the last six months the Fund considered economic standards of the banks, and analyzed their activity in the payment of pensions and financial assistance, as well as their compliance with applicable law .

The Competition Committee on selection of banks confirmed the prolongation (till January 1, 2015) of the term of the contract with JSC Delta Bank for providing services to pensioners and recipients of cash assistance in all localities where Delta Bank is entitled to exercise the payment of pensions and financial assistance, and also where it is granted the right to provide services to such recipients in additional territories of Ukraine (Gaisyn , Tulchin, Khmelnik , Zhmerynka; Gaisin, Tulchin, Khmelnitskyi, Zhmerinka district of Vinnitsa Region; Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Volodymyr-Volynskyi district of Volyn Region; Krasnoarmeisk, Sloviansk , Marianka; Krasnoarmeisk, Slovyansk, Maryanka districts of Donetsk Region; Korostyshiv, Berdychev, Korosten; Korostyshiv, Berdichev, Korosten districts of Zhitomir Region; Truskavets, Truskavets district of Lviv Region; Pervomaisk , Pervomaisk district, Oktyabrsk district of Mykolayiv Region, Tsyuryupinsk, Tsyurupynsk district of Kherson Region).

This decision of the Competition Committee of the Pension Fund of Ukraine confirms the reliability of Delta Bank, its competitiveness, quality of service, social responsibility and strict compliance with the current legislation.

For the first time, the right to open accounts for beneficiaries of pension and social payments was assigned to Delta Bank by the Pension Fund of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine following the results of the competition held in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Since then the customers who have switched to the service of receiving pensions and social assistance at Delta Bank (more than 160,000 people) enjoy many advantages. In particular, they receive a higher interest rate on the account balance — 15 % in local currency; they can open an account for free and enjoy the international payment custom engraved cards, receive money at ATMs and branches Delta Bank without charges, withdraw cash from ATMs of any other banks in Ukraine without charges (according to conditions of the Pension Card Master Card Debit ( “New Retirement” tariff), as well as replenish the account with their own money at ATMs and branches of Delta Bank for free. Additionally, such clients participate in the loyalty program (they have the opportunity to place a deposit or get a loan on special terms) and receive free of charge SMS messages to their cell phones about the flow of funds in their card accounts.