Flash mob from Delta Bank took place!

October 1, 2013

More than 1,000 children in five cities across the country congratulated teachers on Teacher’s Day with the bright dance show

On the Teachers day Eve, on 28th and 29th September Delta Bank carried on dancing flash mobs, by which children of different ages have expressed their gratitude to all the teachers of Ukraine.

On the country’s main squares in 5 cities — Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa and Sevastopol — participants showed how important is Teacher’s role in the process of growing up and becoming for each student.

In each city, the project was attended by about 200 children, and the whole dance of appreciation from Delta Bank was danced by more than 1,000 children. At the end of the presentation the children lined up in the living word “ДЯКУЮ” (THANK YOU) and launched hundreds of balloons into the sky.

Flash mob is the fourth stage of the great social initiatives of Delta Bank in 2013. At the moment, with gratitude to the teaching profession the project “Posta Podyaki” (Post of thankgiving) is held in the bank branches — every visitor can send the card to the teacher, whom he remembers, and with the assistance of Delta Bank the letter will find its destination. In addition, in May the endowed students of 11 classes, who were winners of regional competitions in mathematics 2012/2013 participated in the business camp Delta Camp, a partner of which Delta Bank was. During their stay in the camps children received valuable practical knowledge from successful businessmen and famous trainers. How to set goals and achieve them, how to identify their future profession, how to get a job — these are just a few topics that were raised at Camp Delta.

In order to encourage school teachers, who raised talented students — winners of regional competitions in mathematics among 11 classes, as part of social action “Podyaka za talant” (Thanksgiving for the talent), Delta Bank provided financial awards to them.