Delta Bank was awarded by “Oscar” as the most dynamic bank

December 4, 2012

“Investgazeta”, financial-economic weekly edition, named the best Ukrainian banks and top bankers of the country in twenty key nominations for the annual awards UKRAINIAN BANKER AWARDS 2012. Delta Bank is recognized as the most dynamic bank in the group of Ukraine’s biggest bank.

The main distinguishing feature of UKRAINIAN BANKER AWARDS premium is that major financial initiatives judges are bank customers. Winners were determined by a vote on the sites and To the results of the voting expert estimates of investment analysts, who analyzed the financial performance of banks, were added as well as the results of a survey of the country’s biggest entrepreneurs.

Since the beginning of 2012 Delta Bank has significantly strengthened its position and has demonstrated significant growth in assets, exceeding the pace of the entire domestic banking system in 6 times. Thanks to the implementation of a deliberate strategy of Delta Bank was ranked the 8thposition in the top-10 banks by assets, an increase of 8.4 billion USD (as of 1.11.2012). High expert assessment, recognition of colleagues, partners, and customers are not a coincidence, but the results of a large and ambitious program of growth. In the future, Delta Bank will continue its active development dynamics in Ukraine, realizing the existing potential and using every chance to climb even higher in the consumer rating.