Pension fund of Ukraine prolonged treaty with Delta Bank until 2013

December 8, 2011

On December 8, 2011, the Pension Fund of Ukraine held a competition to select banks in which (with the consent of pensioners and recipients of social assistance)accounts for the payment of pensions and financial aid could be open. It was considered the conclusions of the National Bank of Ukraine on the financial condition and performance of the past six months economic standards by banks, analyzed its activities in the payment of pensions and financial assistance, as well as compliance with applicable law. Tender commission agreed to continue the contract with JSC “Delta Bank” until 1 January 2013, the term of

This decision of the tender committee of the Pension Fund of Ukraine confirms the reliability of Delta Bank, its competitiveness, quality of service, social responsibility and strict compliance with applicable laws.

First time Delta Bank has received the right to open accounts for beneficiaries of pension and social payments by the results of the tender that was held by the Pension Fund of Ukraine in III-rd quarter of 2010.

Since then, customers who have switched to the service to obtain pensions and social assistance in the Delta Bank (more than 20 thousand people), enjoy many advantages. In particular, receive a higher interest rate on the balance — 15 % in local currency, open an account for free and enjoy behalf of the international payment card to receive free money at ATMs and branches of Delta Bank and ATM network of bank’s partners (“Atmosphere”, “Ukrsotsbank”, and “Euronet”). In addition, these clients are involved in the loyalty program that give them an opportunity to place a deposit or obtain a loan on special terms.