Delta Bank has started creation of its own ATM network

June 2, 2008

The first level of Delta Bank's ATM network will be located in the Bank's branches. These ATMs will be equipped with the cash-in-cash-out function. By means of these devices the clients of Delta Bank will be able to withdraw the money and repay the credits using Delta Bank's credit cards. The ATMs in the branches are rented and their maintenace is performed by the Bank's partner — Ukrainian Processing Centre, but they will be collected by the Bank.

Every Bank's branch will be equipped with such ATM and so Delta Bank's clients will be surely provided with the same services in the Bank's branches. According to the number of clients who will be served in each branch of the Bank, the number of ATMs can be increased.

The devices that are set in the Bank's branches receive credit card payments during 1 minute. If the client doesn't know the principle of ATM's functioning the manager of the Bank will help him/her to make a payment through ATM.

Delta Bank's specialists consider that it is necessary to help people to overcome some psychological barriers connected with using such ATMs and to increase the level of trust of Bank's clients to them right now. It should be noted that the Turkish banks that had been recently launching the cash-in systems in ATMs also experienced the similar distrust of population. In general, some distrust of people to ATMs is more peculiar to the population of Eastern Europe. In Western European countries the cash is less spread so the cash-in ATMs is not such a big problem for the banks in Western Europe.

In connection with this Delta Bank specialists consider that providing the clients with the instructions how to use the ATMs is a very important task. It is necessary to teach the client and overcome his/her uncertainty that such devices are unreliable. And though these devices entered the industrial exploitation only 10 years ago they proved their reliability in the world and domestic practice.

The next level of Delta Bank network is Euronet ATM network whose ATMs are also equipped with the cash-in-cash-out function. Using these ATMs the clients will be able either to cash-in or withdraw the cash at the same prices as in the Bank's network, but the main advantage of these devices is their location: they are situated in crowded places — stores, megastores, shopping centres. This ATM network is public, i.e. it is available for all banks. Using the ATM of this network the client is supposed to know the principle of functioning of the similar devices and he/she doesn't need the help of the Bank's manager for ATM transactions.

The third level of Delta Bank ATM network is a joining the ATM networks association. Today there are several similar associations in Ukraine and Delta Bank is going to join the network that is being built on the base of Ukrainian Processing Centre, i.e. the processing that performs the maintenace of the Bank now. The association is called «Atmosphere» and includes about 1 thousand ATMs. In this network a client will be offered acceptable tariffs essentially lower than in the other Banks' networks.

In general Delta Bank intends to set about 1,2 — 1,3 thousands ATMs for its clients. Meeting the clients' needs is a key task of Delta Bank, that is why the Bank aims to provide not only cash-out but also cash-in — so that the clients could repay their credits comfortably and in time. And since these transactions will be executed within the Delta Bank ATM network the Bank will essentially save on them that will undoubtedly influence the value of provided services for final consumer.

Delta Bank is going to increase a range of services provided by its ATM network, in particularly money transfers and replenishment of mobile operators' accounts. Certainly, the Bank will continue the servicing clients through the cash desks. But since a teller's work needs more time than performing the same transaction through ATM, Delta Bank is going to repeat the experience of western banks and develop clients' self-servicing.

Delta Bank is going to build its own ATM network within 1,5-2 years in spite of the fact that leading Ukrainian banks have built their networks more than 10 years. Due to cooperation with leading Ukrainian and international processing companies the Bank's specialists expect to achieve the planned results in the mentioned period.