The first Delta Bank cash-in machine is placed

May 6, 2008

According to the signed agreement Delta Bank and “Ukrainian Processing Center” (UPC) have started implementation of Bank’s cash machines network. The first cash-in machine was placed in Delta Bank head office (13/135, Kominterna street). Using such cash machines the customers of the Bank will be able to make deposits and to cash funds from their card accounts. The first cash-in-cash-out transaction took place on the 20th of April, on the day of the second anniversary of Delta Bank on Ukrainian consumer lending market. The first cash-in machine has already been connected to “UPC” processing center, which is located in Kiev. UPC is intended to render to Delta Bank such complex of outsourcing services, including technical support of devices, centralized control system for cash machines, processing and monitoring of transactions. Cooperation between Delta Bank and “UPC” is the first deal on rendering of the full outsourcing of cash machines network between Ukrainian bank and Ukrainian company. Such cooperation will let Bank to obtain effective network without huge investments in equipment and trainings for personnel. Anton Romanchuk, Chairman of the Board of “UPC”: “In a few years a majority of the banks will be using outsourcing of cash machines. Those financial institutions, which will not be using this service, will not be able to achieve the same results.” Eugene Plotitca, member of the Board of Directors, operational director of Delta Bank: “Launch of the cash-in machine network — a strong competitive advantage for Delta Bank and additional service for our customers, who will be able to pay their bills and to cash funds in Bank cash machines without any additional commissions.” International practice of outsourcing of cash-in machine networks is developing in Ukraine. Ukrainian banks are striving to outsource technical functions which is not inherent to their principal activity in order to have more time for customer services, lending and attraction of deposits. Centralized approach to ATM management noticeably reduces the idle time of cash machines and allows to use some cash for credit operations.

Information Delta Bank is one of the leaders in consumer lending on domestic market, maintaining about 25% market share of this segment. As of 01.04.2008 Delta Bank’s retail loan portfolio was UAH 2 572.01 MM, net assets equaled to UAH 4 701.11 MM. At the beginning of the year 2008 Delta Bank issued more than 500 thousand credit cards and, thus, took the 8-th place among the CIS countries and the 4-th place in Ukraine by amount of active credit cards. At present Bank has 29 branches and more than 6 thousand points of sale. Bank’s key partners in development of sales channels are the following networks: “Foxtrot”, “АBV-Tekhnika”, “Domotekhnika”, “7 Kontinent”, “Mobilochka”, “Allo”, “Melafon”, “Focus”, “City.Com” and others. Banking license of National bank of Ukraine dated 20th of April, 2006. Bank is in middle-size group of Ukrainian banks. Delta Bank is established and solely owned by Mr. Nikolay Lagun.

Information “UPC” ( — leader of processing market of save electronic financial transactions in Ukraine, which already 10 years facilitates development of payment cards market, operatively reacting on increasing requirements of financial institutions. “UPC” services 50 banks in Ukraine and 2 banks in Eastern Europe, rendering such complex of services with payment cards: authorization, clearing, risks and fraud monitoring, as well as outsourcing of cash machines and self-servicing terminals. “UPC” has status MSP and TPP Visa and MasterCard, certificate for servicing of American Express cards in network of POS-terminals.