Structural changes in governing bodies of Delta Bank

April 22, 2008

On 21th of April, 2008 by the decision of General Marticipants Meeting Nikolay Lagun was released from a position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and was appointed Chairman of Supervisory Board. Nikolay Lagun, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Delta Bank: “During two years of successful activity Delta Bank became self-sufficient business. The team of professionals that are working in the bank today is able to manage the Bank without assistance, developing the necessary directions of the Bank work”.

On new position Mr. Lagun intends to pay attention to development of further strategy of the Bank. “Moreover I am planning to pay more attention to the other directions of business. First of all it is real-estate development projects and the Bank in Belarus”, — says Nikolay Lagun.

By the decision of Supervisory Board of Delta Bank to a position of Chairman of the Board of Directors was appointed Elena Popova from the moment of approval of her candidacy by the National Bank of Ukraine. Elena Popova has been working in Delta Bank from the moment of the Bank creation and before a new appointment occupied the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. Before the approval of the candidacy of Elena Popova by the National Bank of Ukraine as acting Chairman of the Board of Directors appointed Vitaliy Masyura, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of Treasury.