Results of Delta Bank's financial activity in the year 2007

April 17, 2008

Delta Bank’s financial result of the year 2007 is UAH 4,650 MM, which is 30% higher than the result of the year 2006, when bank profit was UAH 3,576 MM.

Bank net assets increased on 236% in the year 2007 and totaled to UAH 3,563.73 MM as of 01.01.2008. Delta Bank’s retail loan portfolio was UAH 1,984.20 MM and total loan portfolio was UAH 2,597.42 MM following up of the year 2007.

Bank’s subscribed capital was increased on UAH 150 MM and amounted to UAH 510 MM.

As of 01.01.2008 Delta Bank issued 614,370 credit cards.

In the year 2007 Delta Bank started to develop a branch network. By the beginning of the year 2008 there were 27 branches operating in all regions of Ukraine, in Mariupol and Krivoy Rog as well.

Information Delta Bank is one of the leaders in consumer lending on domestic market, maintaining about 25% market share of this segment. As of 01.01.2008 Delta Bank’s retail loan portfolio was UAH 1,984.20 MM, net assets equaled to UAH 3,563.73 MM.At present Bank has more than 4 thousand points of sale. Bank’s key partners in development of sales channels are the following networks: “Foxtrot”, “АBV-Tekhnika”, “Domotekhnika”, “7 Kontinent”, “Mobilochka”, “Allo”, “Melafon”, “Focus”, “City.Com” and others. Banking license of National bank of Ukraine dated 20th of April, 2006. Bank is in middle-size group of Ukrainian banks. Delta Bank is established and solely owned by Mr. Nikolay Lagun.