Presentation of Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank” took place in Minsk, Belarus.

April 15, 2008

On 28th of march, 2008 a ceremonial presentation of Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank” took place in Minsk, Belarus. In the ceremony took part representatives of the National Bank of Belarus, executives of commercial banks, financial organizations and retail networks of Belarus. Nicolay Lagun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Commercial Bank “Delta”, and Irina Partnova, Chairman of the Board of Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank”, spoke at the presentation about the development plans for the Bank and new enterprises of financial sector, as well as a development company in Belarus. The executives of the Bank consider that by the end of the year 2008 Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank” will take a leading position in Belarus consumer lending sector. During the year 2008 the number of employees will be increased to 2 thousand people, including recruiting of specialists from Belarus. One of the strategic goals of Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank” is a forming of client base of not less than 1 million people. Thus, the Bank will take approximately 25% of Belarus consumer lending market. At present more than 400 points of sales of Delta Bank are opened and operate successfully, by the end of the year there will be around 1 thousand points of sales. It is also planned to develop regional network and to open 20 branches of the Bank. Among the main products of Delta Bank for the initial period a special place will be given to promotion of consumer loans, credit cards, cash-loans and car loans. Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank” is orientated on a client, who has never used bank services before. Now the equity capital of the Bank constitutes USD 30 millions. During the year 2008 the capital of the Bank will be increased to USD 50 millions. By the beginning of the year 2008 credit portfolio will amount to USD 150 millions. During 2-3 years the capital of the Bank will constitute USD 100 millions and credit portfolio USD 500 millions. Moreover, during 3 years it will be received approximately USD 200 millions of foreign investments. There are preliminary agreements on debt origination with international investment banks, which are interested in financing of Joint-Stock Company “Delta Bank”. These are financial institutions, with those Commercial Bank “Delta”, Ukraine, had successful collaboration. With the development of consumer lending in Belarus the necessity of non-banking companies will increase. At present the collection agency CCG (Belarus) is being registered, it will start to work in the 2d half of the year 2008. Moreover, it is the final stage of the deal on acquiring of Life Insurance Company, which will start to work by the beginning of this summer. During 2-3 years investments in development of Insurance Company will constitute around USD 30 millions. It is also planned to create a credit history bureau. In addition to financial sector, Nicolay Lagun is intending to enter into real estate developing business. In particular, complex development of huge territories for building of residential and commercial real estate is planned. Now a couple of deals on acquisition of territories for building are almost completed. During 2-3 years around USD 200 millions will be invested in this project. Thus, in the nearest future the developing company will become a huge player on Belarus development market.