Delta Bank paid the third coupon of own debt bonds series M

January 17, 2008

On 17th of January, 2008 Commercial bank “Delta” LTD paid on time and in full amount the third coupon of own debt bonds series M at the rate of 14.5% p.a.

The amount paid on one bond is UAH 36,55.

In April 2007 Commercial bank “Delta” LTD issued 2-year maturity bonds series L of total amount UAH 100 MM. Morgan Stanley & Co International was appointed as lead-manager of issue.

Coupon of bonds is paid quarterly. The number of percentage payments is 8. The bonds maturity date — 21st of April, 2009.

The state registration number and date of bonds issue is #153/2/07 dd 22nd of March, 2007.

Information. Commercial bank “Delta” LTD is one of three leaders of domestic consumer loan market, covering around 25 % of this segment. As of 1st of December, 2007 Bank’s physical persons loan portfolio constituted UAH 1 715,66 MM, net assets amounted to UAH 2 881, 91 MM. At present 27 branches are opened and number of POS has reached 4,000. In the process of developing sales channels amongst main partners there are “Foxtrot”, “ABV-Tekhnika”, “Domotekhnika”, “7th continent”, “Mobilochka”, “Allo”, “Melafon”, “Focus”, “Citycom” , “Silpo”, “Fora” and others. Delta Bank was established and is solely directly owned by its CEO — Mr. Nikolay Lagun. NBU license #225 dd 20th of April, 2006.