Delta bank paid off the bonds series F and G

November 20, 2007

On 19th of November, 2007 Commercial bank “Delta” LTD paid on time and in full the fourth coupon of own debt bonds series F and G, as well as paid off the bonds of these series. In November 2006 Bank issued bonds series F and G with 1 year period of circulation of total amount of UAH 200 MM. The issuance organizer of bonds series F and G was Commercial bank “Delta” LTD on its own.

Assistance in placement was conducted by ING Bank Ukraine.

Coupon of bonds was paid quarterly. The number of coupon payments was 4. The bond series F and G maturity date is 19th of November, 2007. The state registration numbers and dates of bond series F and G are № 727/2/06 dd 9th of November, 2006 and № 728/2/06 of 10th of November, 2006 accordingly.

Information. Commercial bank “Delta” LTD was the largest issuer of corporate bonds in Ukraine in the year 2006. By the 1st of November, 2007 Bank had placed own debt bonds, which are in circulation, for UAH 1,100 Bn.