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About Delta Bank

Over the last 8 years the Bank
has gained the loyalty of millions of retail
and corporate customers.

Delta Bank is a universal bank offering a wide range of products for all types of clients. Since 2006 the bank has become an expert in the field of consumer credit by offering some of the market’s best deposit products, interest rates, and providing services to large corporate clients, small and medium enterprises.

Delta Bank was registered February 15, 2006 (NBU license No. 225
dated 11/10/2011, the Deposit Guarantee Fund license No. 178 dated 19/11/2012).
The Bank ranks among the largest banks in its category according
to the classification of the NBU, the Association
of Ukrainian Banks (AUB) and the Association of Banks
of Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE)



360 mil. UAH



510 mil. UAH



2 327 mil. UAH



4,894 mil UAH


Nikolai Lagun recognized as one of the best bankers of the last five years according to the Capital newspaper

Delta Bank ranked second among the most dynamic banking institutions, according to Capital newspaper

Pension fund of Ukraine to extend the contract with Delta Bank for 2014 with the right to provide services in payment of pensions and cash aid in additional areas of Ukraine